Standard is minimum of our capability FICO fulfill all Your demands.

Quality guarantee unit

Quality guarantee has vast meaning and it is including all of plans and methods that or jointly could effect on quality of product until reaching to high quality of product so the aim of quality guarantee unit summarize in these lines:

  • Functional evaluation and system influence as tools for quality management and identification of points that their improvement is possible.
  • Making organized and effective system that in the time of lack of internal or external conformity could use methods of solving problems such as problem recognition, limitation identification root reasons, effective confirmation and correction effort, that these efforts are in direction of system continued improvement system and guidance and enforcement of them making equalize and representing methodology and establishment of improving culture and using methods and improving continued tools in order to decrease deviation and losses and increase efficiency of process and units.
  • Determining strategy and making organization and suitable system in order to production and extension of commercial plans and functional financial improvement and also cases related to customers.
  • Compiling method in order to analyze and measure of process in organization and representing necessary reports in order to improve process of management.
  • Establishment and working of system in order to reach to reliance of under control running documents and bases of organization.
  • Making confidence and increasing satisfaction of customers and put the customers as a main part.
  • Increasing satisfaction of personnel and internal motivation of organization. In this direction effort and motivation of personnel and management of (Shirsazy Petro Fajr Markazy) lead to take certification of quality management system ISO TS 29001:2007, ISO 9001:2008, and also adaptation of product with AP1 standard from MOODY Company.

Engineering unit

All of groups of production of this company design and extent by engineering unit and with compiled method all of process control continually. In the extension phase of previous products or design and creation of new products cases such as functional obligation and product operation, information and obligation of previous similar products or transition reaction from the customer must be in mind.

In engineering affairs of this company use these two methods:

  • Forward engineering that is traditional form of creating idea and establishment of logical design and making physical sample and finally, production of them.
  • Reverse engineering that is including making computation geometric models from existing section. It is obvious related to the kind of product use figurative design software engineering analysis software. Apart from the method or output product engineering units are: calculation note book, pieces operatory map, moulding models, moulding technology forj pieces, fixtures, gages and guide direction, of production and test and list of raw material.

Commercial unit


Our commission is to provide needed product related to oil, gas, petrochemical and contract companies with cooperation of internal and external reliable companies and penetrate to bazars of this area. Now these are our activities related to valves:

  • Production of needed valve package of project.
  • Covering of valves.
  • Test and inspection.
  • Valve repa.
  • Production of valves from regional stocks.

But sufficient recognition from regional bazars, provider network and cooperators in foreign area effective relationship with valid international companies and also place in region of Persian Gulf and our effort in order to arrival to vendor list of regional country. The other aim of Petro Fajr commercial id export of internal production of valves. We believe on our job and moral principles and raising name of our Islamic country, we could make many opportunities in order to achieve to independency.


Our aim is to be among best commercial companies of tools and oil equipments, gas, petrochemical and related industries. We decided by cooperation of valid external and internal international companies complete our production until be the best company inside the country and also among the regional company organizational structure.

Organization structure:

Petro Fajr commercial Company in order to catch aims and perspectives include 3 parts: all of commercial affairs are in 3 parts:

  • Sale engineering unit.
  • Marketing and Bazar research unit.