Standard is minimum of our capability FICO fulfill all Your demands.

Organization duty

The aim of Petro Fajr Company is production and provide of industrial valves related to oil, gas, distribution and filtration, petrochemical, powerhouse industry and related contract companies.
Depending upon our experts abilities and searcher and learner organization, we could produce many things in order to provide our projects needs.
Shareholders, personnel's and providers in sincere, truthful and explicit space could represent their products in order to share in development and extension of industrial vast plan. Continuous using of up to date knowledge and expert counselors and using experiences of international skilled producer distinct us for representing various and better services.


We want to produce the best kind of oil and power house valves in region. We are planning to complete our production increase our share in provide other oil, gas, petrochemical, refinery and powerhouse industrial goods. According to our closeness to vast and under developing bazaars of Persian Gulf and depending on knowledge and struggle of our personnel's and cooperating with international companies, our aim is to provide the needs of internal projects and regional countries with high speed and high quality and suitable price.

Value statement

Our companies always seek for showing human greatness not only in speech and discourse but also in act and action.
In tumult of industrial era and complicated of human and world wide relations we are follower of simplicity, simple life and simple suppose, we believe that we are not flawless but we could change any things to perfect things in the space of cardinality, truth and clearness customer is a part of company and it is a reason of continuity, their respect is not only for representing services but also is our duty and in every place and every rank, they have the same value for us. Personnel are base of company. They are main capital work and commerce. Their effort, idea and experience lead to create new goods and products appropriate for representing to customers promotion of scientific and professional level is our first preference. Our products are like our personality and it is important to represent it clear and healthy. Our aim is to represent new and better products, with variety show our industrial personality to customers. We respect to competitors and industrial cooperator and we know them as a source of improvement of company and our products. Their presence cause better services to customers. Cooperation with competitors cause growth of technical knowledge and better services and how often that without them we become proud. We follow our country and international rules and we want to continue our work in the distinct frame because minus rules it is not possible to extent any society.
Provider, contractor and plan executor and parts of companies and their production process increase satisfaction of customers and increase the speed.
In gratitude of shareholders and innovators of company for their services making creative and new job space and respect them in every industrial part. They are reason of extension and they are cause of movement in every society and their title as a job creator is a very good title. And people which we are among them making society and they are masterpiece of creation. Their presences make collective life and their needs make every thing. We respect their speech act, thought and their environments.